More Than Just Your Agent

Otto Property is a family owned and operated Adelaide business that provides personally tailored services in sales, property investment, management and residential development. With many years of professional experience in all types of property related transactions, we offer our valued clients a bespoke service that is unique within the real estate and property industry.

Why Choose Otto Property?

Whether it be choosing the right real estate agent to sell your home, purchasing an investment property or a consultant for property development advise, choosing the right agent can be a daunting task. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Otto Property.

We’re The Listing and Selling Agent

Quite often the real estate agent that people engage in selling their home is not the same person that attends the open inspections. All Otto Property openings are conducted by the experienced director, Daniel Otto who also makes all follow up calls and attends all required functions of the sale including building inspections and bank valuations.

Prospective Buyers Register

Prior to entering your home, we require that all potential buyers must identify themselves and provide us with contact details. With your privacy in mind, we will not open your home to anyone off the street including neighbours unless we know who they are. If someone is not prepared to give us their details, then they may not enter and view your property.

We Obtain Feedback

Each and every buyer that enters your home will be asked to provide some feedback. If this does not occur on the day of the viewing, then we will endeavour to make contact with them after so that we can provide you with as much feedback as possible. This ensures that we can provide accurate and complete feedback on the sentiments of potential buyers.

Weekly Activity Reports

For every week of your campaign, you will receive a comprehensive marketing summary and activity report that details things like phone enquiries, email enquiries, internet portal hits, open inspection feedback and any other information relating to the listing of your home. You will always be kept 100% up-to-date on the progress of the sale.

We Look The Part

All of our staff take pride in their personal appearance as we understand that this affects the way in which we are judged by our clients and prospective buyers. This includes personal grooming and attire as well as the standard of our motor vehicles. We also take great pride in the quality of the marketing material that we use to promote your property.

Expertise Beyond Just Real Estate

When you choose Otto Property, you will immediately get access to a level of advice that only comes through dealing with every facet of residential property. Our knowledge extends to years of working closely with residential property investors, property management and working with clients who require property development advice.

Let us Help

The best step to take is to book a time to talk to us and learn about how we can help. For residential real estate, we will start by providing you with a detailed market analysis and expert advice on how to prepare your property for sale.

For property investment and development services we will organise a time to meet, discuss your needs and highlight the wide range of services we can offer.

For property management we would be delighted to provide you with a quote and talk to you about how we provide an exceptional service for both owners and tenants.


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